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"You can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that it’s him"


My best friend after I broke down last night (via susejpoo)


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Hey guys I’d never thought I’d do this but I really need your help. In the pictures above is my best friend Ryan. Ryan has a semi-severe case of autism and he has severe epilepsy. Yesterday around 7pm he had an epileptic seizure in the pool and drowned. Luckily he’s alive but his condition is unstable. But this is where I need your help. His hospital bills are adding up so I created a paypal account for donations for his (single) mother to help with!! Please guys he’s my best friend and I need your help. If anything if you could at least just signal boost and reblog!! Even if you can only donate a few dollars thats fine. Anything helps. Ryan always says “every day is a new day” well help me find his. There is a donate button on my blog. Please help!! Thank you guys.

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